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Section 1 - Conflict Minerals Disclosure


Item 1.01 Conflict Minerals Disclosure and Report


In accordance with Rule 13p-1 promulgated under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Rule”), which was adopted by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to implement reporting and disclosure related to “conflict minerals”, including tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (“Conflict Minerals” or “3TG”), originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”) or an adjoining country (collectively referred to as the “Covered Countries”), Itamar Medical Ltd. (the “Company,” “Itamar Medical,“ “we,“ or “us”) has evaluated its current products and determined that, although the Company does not directly purchase minerals from smelters or other minerals within the supply chain, certain parts of the products that the company manufactured or contracted to manufacture in the year ended December 31, 2020 may have contained necessary Conflict Minerals. In connection with the Rule, the Company has adopted a Conflict Minerals Policy with respect to the responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. Accordingly, the Company is filing this disclosure along with a Conflict Minerals Report to disclose the measures it has taken to determine the origin, or likely origin, of the Conflict Minerals used in our products.


Conflict Minerals Disclosure


A copy of the Company’s Conflict Minerals Report is provided as Exhibit 1.01 hereto and details the due diligence measures undertaken during the reporting period by the Company. A copy of the Conflict Minerals Report is also publicly available through the Company’s website:  https://www.itamar-medical.com/social-responsibility/


Item 1.02 Exhibit


The Company has filed, as exhibits to this Form SD, the Conflict Minerals Report of the Company required by Item 1.01.


Section 2 - Exhibits


Item 2.01 Exhibits


The following exhibit is filed as part of this report:


Exhibit 1.01 Conflict Minerals Report of the Company







Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.


  By: /s/ Dan Shlezak  
    Dan Shlezak,  
    General Manager, Israel  


Date: May 28, 2021





Conflict Minerals Report of Itamar Medical Ltd.

For the Year Ended December 31, 2020

Pursuant to Rule 13p-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934


This Conflict Minerals Report is filed as Exhibit 1.01 on Itamar Medical Ltd. Specialized Disclosure Report on Form SD and is also posted on the Itamar Medical Ltd.’s website.




The Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”) and its adjoining countries have significant reserves of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (henceforth referred to as “3TG”). The DRC produces 39% of the world’s tantalum mine production and about 3% of the world’s mine production of tin. All these minerals are commonly used in the manufacturing of products for both consumer and professional markets. Various parties, including the United States Congress, have expressed their concern that the exploitation and trade of conflict minerals by armed groups is helping to finance conflict in the DRC region and is contributing to a humanitarian crisis.


This report for the year ended December 31, 2020 is presented to comply with Rule 13p-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Rule”). The Rule was adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to implement reporting and disclosure requirements related to Conflict Minerals as directed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (the “Dodd-Frank Act”). The Rule imposes certain reporting obligations on SEC registrants whose manufactured products contain Conflict Minerals which are necessary to the functionality or production of their products. “Conflict Minerals” are defined as cassiterite, columbite-tantalite (coltan), gold, wolframite, and their derivatives, which are limited to tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. These requirements apply to registrants whatever the geographic origin of the Conflict Minerals and whether or not they fund armed conflict.


As part of Itamar Medical Ltd.’s commitment to corporate responsibility and respecting human rights in our own operations and global supply chain, the Company is committed to complying with the legislation and supports responsible conflict minerals sourcing. Furthermore, due to the potential negative economic and social impacts on the economies of the DRC and the Covered Countries, the Company does not seek to completely eliminate sourcing from the DRC or Covered Countries, but rather is dedicated to the responsible sourcing of such minerals, as supported by information and/or data from independent third-party reports. In addition, the Company recognizes that the minerals supply chain is global and complex, and many product and/ or product component suppliers and manufacturers may lack the sources of the minerals. Nevertheless, the Company is committed to the responsible sourcing of the necessary Conflict Minerals used in its products, and therefore asks its suppliers to follow the Company’s Conflict Minerals Policy, and strives to a reasonable degree, to conduct a reasonable country of origin inquiry (“RCOI”) on the likely source and chain of custody of the necessary Conflict Minerals used in its products through the resources provided by third party bodies, such as for example the Responsible Minerals Initiative (“RMI”). As such, the Company commits resources to ensure compliance with the applicable Conflict Minerals regulations and practices in responsible sourcing of those minerals.




2.1The Company


This report has been prepared by the management of Itamar Medical Ltd. When used in this report, “Itamar Medical”, the “Company”, “we”, “our” or “us“ refers to Itamar Medical Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiaries unless the context requires otherwise.





Itamar Medical is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of non-invasive medical devices and solutions to aid in the diagnosis of respiratory sleep disorders and on the integration of sleep apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway. The Company commercializes a digital healthcare platform to facilitate the continuum of care for effective sleep apnea management with a focus on the core sleep, cardiology and direct to consumer (“DTC”) markets. The Company offers a Total Sleep Solution (“TSS”), to help physicians provide comprehensive sleep apnea management in a variety of clinical environments to optimize patient care and reduce healthcare system costs. The Company’s key product, WatchPATTM, is commercially available within major markets including the US, Japan, and Europe.


Our corporate headquarters, research and development, and manufacturing are located in Israel, and the Company markets and supports its products worldwide. Additionally, we have wholly-owned subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe and distribution channels around the world.


2.2Products Overview


Our prescription WatchPAT sleep apnea test line of products, the first generation of which received its initial United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), clearance in 2001, is a watch-like wrist-mounted device with a single-use disposable bio-sensor connected to the patient’s finger, designed to non-invasively record, measure and analyze digital pulse volume change, or changes in arterial blood volume.


The product is based on our proprietary, clinically validated, technology which provides the PAT® signal, which is analyzed for diagnostic purposes. The PAT signal reports changes in the patient’s peripheral arterial pulse volumes as well as various parameters of arterial activity. These arterial activity parameters accurately reflect the patient’s sympathetic nervous system (autonomous (involuntary) nervous system) activity. The WatchPAT continuously records the autonomic or involuntary nervous system activation during sleep, as measured through the PAT signal. The PAT probe uses optical sensors to non-invasively measure the changes in arterial blood volume while applying sub-diastolic pressure on the distal two thirds of the finger, including the tip. The pressure fields reduce the arterial wall tension and generate a greater dynamic range of the measured PAT signal and improved sensitivity to changes in the signal amplitude. We also offer related cloud based digital health platforms and services.


The EndoPAT™ device, the first generation of which received FDA clearance in 2003, is designed to diagnose endothelial function by measuring the ability of blood vessels to dilate as a response to shear stress, or other stimuli, in order to accommodate increased blood flow. The endothelium is the inner lining of all blood vessels regulating their function and ability to dilate or constrict. The EndoPAT device uses our PAT technology to measure the ability of blood vessels to dilate after an artificially created cardiovascular disease. In the United States, EndoPAT has no reimbursement and is sold primarily for research purposes. We recently received authorization to affix a CE mark to our newly developed EndoPATX.


The Loop device, which received FDA clearance in 2019, is a wrist device measuring and recording physiological parameters such as SpO2, respiration rate and heart rate, that transmits the data to a web server for remote review by a clinician to allow clinician to monitor patient deterioration.


2.3Itamar Medical Supply Chain


The products that the Company manufactures and markets are complex, typically containing numerous of parts from various suppliers and sub-contractors. The Company is manufacturing, assembling, packaging and testing its products, and it either does these in-house, or alternatively relies on contract-manufacturers to perform these services. Materials used in manufacturing at these contract-manufacturers may be purchased directly by the contract-manufacturers or by the Company.


The Company has relationships with a large network of suppliers and there are generally multiple tiers between the 3TG mines and the Company’s direct suppliers. Before reaching Itamar Medical’s direct suppliers, 3TG will go from mines, to traders, exporters, smelters or refiners, alloy producers and component manufacturers, and sometimes intermediate suppliers. Therefore, the Company must rely on its direct suppliers to work with their upstream suppliers in order to provide the Company with accurate information about the origin of 3TG in the components it purchases as stated in their current CMRTs (as defined below).





2.4Itamar Medical Conflict Minerals Policy


Itamar Medical have established a Conflict Minerals Policy and an internal team to implement the policy (“CM team”). The Company’s Conflict Minerals policy is communicated to the Company's relevant officials, and will be communicated to its suppliers (through the vendor acceptance procedure) and to the public through the Company's website1.


Itamar Medical strives to be a “Conflict Minerals Free” company and regularly reviews and checks the processes throughout its supply chain to ensure its products are and remain free of Conflict Minerals. Itamar Medical requires suppliers whose products contain tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten to provide written evidence of due diligence that traces these minerals back through their supply chain, and to confirm their source is not from the conflict region. Itamar Medical expects suppliers to take similar measures with their suppliers to ensure compliance throughout the supply chain. Therefore, Itamar Medical takes measures to incorporate the principles of the Conflict Minerals requirements into its business practices, and its supplier approval process.


The Company updated its procedures to mitigate the risk of it utilizing Conflict Minerals and take the following actions as part of its mitigation efforts:


·Any new item is reviewed prior to adding it to the Company’s ERP/BOM system. The Company’s goal is to confirm items with only “Conformant” or “Active” CMRTs. The CM status is part of the new product procedure of the Company.
·Any engineering change effecting CM status is reviewed by the CM team prior to confirmation, as part of the engineering change procedure.
·The Company receives notification on a monthly basis with respect to any change in the known CMRTs. Those changes are reviewed by the CM team and an action plan is put in place, if needed.


3Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry (“RCOI”)


The Company conducted a Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry to determine whether any of the necessary 3TG originated in covered countries.


RCOI procedure


In order to track the RCOI, in 2020 we extracted the list of the Company’s suppliers from the Company’s purchasing system; the list was reviewed by our Component Engineering team in order to identify which suppliers use 3TG minerals in the production of Itamar Medical parts. The list of suppliers (the “Suppliers”) covered all our existing suppliers at that time.


The Suppliers were approached by our Conflict Minerals team and GreenSoft Technology, Inc., our contracted vendor for CMRT collection and validation (“GreenSoft”), and asked for their cooperation with the Company’s RCOI using the “CMRT”, an industry-standard template for Conflict Minerals reporting designed by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (“RMI”).  Based on the CMRT, the Company is able to identify the minerals originated in the Covered Countries. The Company therefore conducted the due diligence activities described in this Conflict Minerals Report.


In order to assure updated information regarding the RCOI, our CM team together with GreenSoft monitor the change of supplier status. As part of the monitoring, we review the suppliers CMRTs responses and follow up suppliers on inconsistent, incomplete or inaccurate answers.


As for the year ended December 31, 2020, the supplier list consists a total of 149 direct suppliers.



1 https://www.itamar-medical.com/social-responsibility/





4Due Diligence


Our due diligence measures were designed in accordance with the framework set forth in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (“OECD”) Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (Third Edition, 2016) and related supplements for 3TG.


Below is a description of our due diligence activities preformed for the 2020 reporting year in order to assess whether the necessary 3TG in our products originated from Covered Countries and from Conformant smelters.


A.OECD Step 1: Company Management Systems


·We adopted and maintained the Company’s Conflict Minerals Policy, as described in Section 2.4. above.


·Our ethical commitment is reflected not only in our Conflict Minerals Policy, but also in our Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy, which outlines expected behaviors for all the Company's stakeholders, as well as our Standard for our suppliers that includes our approach to human rights, bribery, conflict of interests etc.


·To the extend required by the SEC, we support increased transparency with regards to our sourcing practices, in particular the sourcing of minerals from areas on on-going conflict, such as Conflict Minerals from the DRC and Covered Countries. We expect our suppliers to adopt similar policies and meet our expectations regarding responsible sourcing and human rights.


·We have an internal CM Team including members of the Company’s Components Engineering, Purchasing and Legal departments. The team is responsible for implementing our Conflict Minerals compliance strategy.


·The Company has adopted the RMI reporting template, CMRT, as the exclusive tool to receive and convey suppliers and smelters information and is using a GreenSoft system to collect, review and validate the CMRTs and generate the company CMRT upon request from a customer.


·We intent to retain documentation of our Conflict Minerals compliance process for five years.


·We established a reporting mechanism for reporting violations of our policies.


B.OECD Step 2: Risk Identification and Assessment


·We requested that our suppliers provide a CMRT in order to identify the smelters of 3TG used in our products.


·Together with GreenSoft we validate the CMRTs for competence and reasonableness.


·We assessed the status of the smelters identified by our suppliers. Smelters with conflict-free designation, such as CFSP/RJC/LBMA/DMCC are considered as “Conformant”, smelters that are in the process of receiving a conflict-free designation considered as “Active” and smelters that do not have a conflict-free certification and aren't in the process to acquire are considered as “non-certified”.


·Suppliers with non-certified smelters, smelters that their source of 3TG is unknown or located in Covered Countries, are considered as “Risky Suppliers”.


·For the moment the Company has completed and delivered CMRTs for 79% of its Manufacturers.





C.OECD Step 3: Strategy to Respond to Identified Risks


·Risky Suppliers are reviewed by the CM Team and an action plan is developed based on the supplier’s relationship, spend and product type.


·Any supplier not “compliant” with the RMI program will be considered as a risky supplier and may be removed from the Company’s supply chain, if possible (some of the suppliers cannot be replaced as easily as others because of lack of substitutes).


·The CM team updates the senior management on Conflict Minerals status and progress.


D.OECD Step 4: Carry Out Independent Third-Party Audit 


Consistent with the Rule and the SEC’s April 29, 2014 statement relating to the Rule, this Report has not been subject to an independent private sector audit.


E.OECD Step 5: Report Annually on Supply Chain Due Diligence


Itamar Medical will report annually on supply chain due diligence by filing a Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report with the SEC.


5Results of Assessment and Overall Progress Toward Becoming Conflict Free


CMRT Collection Summary based on the SoR analysis of GreesnSoft


Smelters Certification Status 2021
Number of Smelters 362 (100%)
Number of Certified Smelters 239 (66%)
Number of Active Smelters 24 (7%)
Number of Non-Certified Smelters 92 (25%)


With regard to the chart above, please note that:

-“Certified” refers to SoRs that have received a “conflict-free” designation from an independent third party audit program;
-“Active” refers to SoRs that have begun or are currently participating in an independent third-party audit program;
-“Not Certified” refers to SoRs that have not begun participating in an independent third-party audit program.


As reported by the Company’s suppliers in their CMRTs, the table in Appendix 1 report the smelters facilities.


6Continuous Improvement


The Company intends to undertake the following next steps to improve the due diligence process and mitigate the risk of it utilizing Conflict Minerals:


The Company will continue working with its global supply chain to ensure responsible sourcing and assure compliance with international regulations.


The Company will strengthen communications with suppliers in order to improve the number of suppliers that respond to the Company's supply chain surveys.


7Additional Risk Factors


The statements above are based on the RCOI process and due diligence performed in good faith by the Company. These statements are based on the infrastructure and information available at the time the RCOI process and due diligence process were performed. Some factors could introduce errors or otherwise affect our analysis and the disclosure provided herein.


These factors include, but are not limited to, gaps in product or product content information, gaps in supplier data, gaps in smelter data, errors or omissions by or of suppliers, errors or omissions by smelters, gaps in supplier education and knowledge, lack of timeliness of data, public information not discovered during a reasonable search, errors in public data, language barriers and translation, supplier and smelter unfamiliarity with the protocol, oversights or errors in conflict free smelter audits, materials sourced from the Covered Countries being declared secondary materials, certification programs that are not equally advanced for all industry segments and metals, and smuggling of Conflict Minerals to countries outside of the Covered Countries.




Appendix 1


A.List of mines locations (where disclosed):








Russian Federation






B.Smelters Facility List:


This 3TG Facility List sets forth the name and location of Itamar Medical’s 3TG sources facilities reported to us by our suppliers.


# Metal (*) Smelter Name (1) Smelter Country (*)
1.         Gold Kundan Care Products Ltd. India
2.         Gold Augmont Enterprises Private Limited India
3.         Gold Eco-System Recycling Co., Ltd. West Plant Japan
4.         Gold Eco-System Recycling Co., Ltd. North Plant Japan
5.         Gold C.I Metales Procesados Industriales Sas Colombia
6.         Gold Sovereign Metals India
7.         Gold Cgr Metalloys Pvt Ltd. India
8.         Gold Dijllah Gold Refinery Fzc United Arab Emirates
9.         Gold Qg Refining, Llc United States of America
10.      Gold Ds Pretech Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea
11.      Gold Nh Recytech Company Republic of Korea
12.      Gold Gold Coast Refinery Ghana
13.      Gold African Gold Refinery Uganda
14.      Gold State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences And Technology Lithuania
15.      Gold Safimet S.P.A Italy
16.      Gold Planta Recuperadora De Metales Spa Chile
17.      Gold Sungeel Himetal Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea
18.      Gold Jalan & Company India
19.      Gold Pease & Curren United States of America
20.      Gold Degussa Sonne / Mond Goldhandel Gmbh Germany
21.      Gold Kyshtym Copper-Electrolytic Plant Zao Russian Federation
22.      Gold Bangalore Refinery India
23.      Gold Modeltech Sdn Bhd Malaysia
24.      Gold Sai Refinery India
25.      Gold Gcc Gujrat Gold Centre Pvt. Ltd. India
26.      Gold Au Traders And Refiners South Africa





27.      Gold Ogussa Osterreichische Gold- Und Silber-Scheideanstalt Gmbh Austria
28.      Gold Wieland Edelmetalle Gmbh Germany
29.      Gold Saxonia Edelmetalle Gmbh Germany
30.      Gold Italpreziosi Italy
31.      Gold 8853 S.P.A. Italy
32.      Gold L’orfebre S.A. Andorra
33.      Gold Saamp France
34.      Gold Abington Reldan Metals, Llc United States of America
35.      Gold Too Tau-Ken-Altyn Kazakhstan
36.      Gold Marsam Metals Brazil
37.      Gold Korea Zinc Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea
38.      Gold Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd. India
39.      Gold Tony Goetz Nv Belgium
40.      Gold Fujairah Gold Fzc United Arab Emirates
41.      Gold Remondis Pmr B.V. Netherlands
42.      Gold T.C.A S.P.A Italy
43.      Gold Sudan Gold Refinery Sudan
44.      Gold Kaloti Precious Metals United Arab Emirates
45.      Gold International Precious Metal Refiners United Arab Emirates
46.      Gold Emirates Gold Dmcc United Arab Emirates
47.      Gold Al Etihad Gold Refinery Dmcc United Arab Emirates
48.      Gold Shandong Humon Smelting Co., Ltd. China
49.      Gold Singway Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan, Province of China
50.      Gold Fidelity Printers And Refiners Ltd. Zimbabwe
51.      Gold Kghm Polska Miedz Spolka Akcyjna Poland
52.      Gold Mmtc-Pamp India Pvt., Ltd. India
53.      Gold Geib Refining Corporation United States of America
54.      Gold Umicore Precious Metals Thailand Thailand
55.      Gold Guangdong Jinding Gold Limited China
56.      Gold Safina A.S. Czech Republic
57.      Gold Morris And Watson New Zealand
58.      Gold Gold Refinery Of Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. China
59.      Gold Zhongyuan Gold Smelter Of Zhongjin Gold Corporation China
60.      Gold Yokohama Metal Co., Ltd. Japan
61.      Gold Yamakin Co., Ltd. Japan
62.      Gold Western Australian Mint (T/A The Perth Mint) Australia
63.      Gold Valcambi S.A. Switzerland
64.      Gold United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. United States of America
65.      Gold Umicore S.A. Business Unit Precious Metals Refining Belgium
66.      Gold Umicore Brasil Ltda. Brazil
67.      Gold Torecom Republic of Korea
68.      Gold Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. China
69.      Gold Tokuriki Honten Co., Ltd. Japan
70.      Gold The Refinery Of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. China
71.      Gold Great Wall Precious Metals Co., Ltd. Of Cbpm China
72.      Gold Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. Japan
73.      Gold Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. Japan
74.      Gold Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. Taiwan, Province of China





75.      Gold Soe Shyolkovsky Factory Of Secondary Precious Metals Russian Federation
76.      Gold Sichuan Tianze Precious Metals Co., Ltd. China
77.      Gold Shandong Zhaojin Gold & Silver Refinery Co., Ltd. China
78.      Gold Shandong Tiancheng Biological Gold Industrial Co., Ltd. China
79.      Gold Sempsa Joyeria Plateria S.A. Spain
80.      Gold Samwon Metals Corp. Republic of Korea
81.      Gold Samduck Precious Metals Republic of Korea
82.      Gold Sabin Metal Corp. United States of America
83.      Gold Royal Canadian Mint Canada
84.      Gold Rand Refinery (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
85.      Gold Px Precinox S.A. Switzerland
86.      Gold Pt Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk Indonesia
87.      Gold Prioksky Plant Of Non-Ferrous Metals Russian Federation
88.      Gold Penglai Penggang Gold Industry Co., Ltd. China
89.      Gold Pamp S.A. Switzerland
90.      Gold Ojsc “The Gulidov Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant” (Ojsc Krastsvetmet) Russian Federation
91.      Gold Ohura Precious Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Japan
92.      Gold Nihon Material Co., Ltd. Japan
93.      Gold Navoi Mining And Metallurgical Combinat Uzbekistan
94.      Gold Nadir Metal Rafineri San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey
95.      Gold Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant Russian Federation
96.      Gold Mitsui Mining And Smelting Co., Ltd. Japan
97.      Gold Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Japan
98.      Gold Metalurgica Met-Mex Penoles S.A. De C.V. Mexico
99.      Gold Metalor Usa Refining Corporation United States of America
100.   Gold Metalor Technologies S.A. Switzerland
101.   Gold Metalor Technologies (Singapore) Pte., Ltd. Singapore
102.   Gold Metalor Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. China
103.   Gold Metalor Technologies (Suzhou) Ltd. China
104.   Gold Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. Japan
105.   Gold Materion United States of America
106.   Gold Luoyang Zijin Yinhui Gold Refinery Co., Ltd. China
107.   Gold Ls-Nikko Copper Inc. Republic of Korea
108.   Gold Lingbao Jinyuan Tonghui Refinery Co., Ltd. China
109.   Gold Lingbao Gold Co., Ltd. China
110.   Gold L’azurde Company For Jewelry Saudi Arabia
111.   Gold Kyrgyzaltyn Jsc Kyrgyzstan
112.   Gold Kojima Chemicals Co., Ltd. Japan
113.   Gold Kennecott Utah Copper Llc United States of America





114.   Gold Kazzinc Kazakhstan
115.   Gold Kazakhmys Smelting Llc Kazakhstan
116.   Gold Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd. Japan
117.   Gold Jsc Uralelectromed Russian Federation
118.   Gold Jsc Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant Russian Federation
119.   Gold Asahi Refining Canada Ltd. Canada
120.   Gold Asahi Refining Usa Inc. United States of America
121.   Gold Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd. China
122.   Gold Japan Mint Japan
123.   Gold Istanbul Gold Refinery Turkey
124.   Gold Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Japan
125.   Gold Inner Mongolia Qiankun Gold And Silver Refinery Share Co., Ltd. China
126.   Gold Hwaseong Cj Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea
127.   Gold Hunan Guiyang Yinxing Nonferrous Smelting Co., Ltd. China
128.   Gold Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd. China
129.   Gold Heraeus Precious Metals Gmbh & Co. Kg Germany
130.   Gold Heraeus Metals Hong Kong Ltd. China
131.   Gold Heimerle + Meule Gmbh Germany
132.   Gold Lt Metal Ltd. Republic of Korea
133.   Gold Hangzhou Fuchunjiang Smelting Co., Ltd. China
134.   Gold Guoda Safina High-Tech Environmental Refinery Co., Ltd. China
135.   Gold Refinery Of Seemine Gold Co., Ltd. China
136.   Gold Ojsc Novosibirsk Refinery Russian Federation
137.   Gold Eco-System Recycling Co., Ltd. East Plant Japan
138.   Gold Dowa Japan
139.   Gold Doduco Contacts And Refining Gmbh Germany
140.   Gold Dsc (Do Sung Corporation) Republic of Korea,
141.   Gold Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Ltd. China
142.   Gold Chugai Mining Japan
143.   Gold Chimet S.P.A. Italy
144.   Gold Yunnan Copper Industry Co., Ltd. China
145.   Gold Cendres + Metaux S.A. Switzerland
146.   Gold Ccr Refinery - Glencore Canada Corporation Canada
147.   Gold Caridad Mexico
148.   Gold C. Hafner Gmbh + Co. Kg Germany
149.   Gold Boliden Ab Sweden
150.   Gold Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (Central Bank Of The Philippines) Philippines
151.   Gold Aurubis Ag Germany
152.   Gold Atasay Kuyumculuk Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. Turkey
153.   Gold Asaka Riken Co., Ltd. Japan
154.   Gold Asahi Pretec Corp. Japan
155.   Gold Argor-Heraeus S.A. Switzerland
156.   Gold Anglogold Ashanti Corrego Do Sitio Mineracao Brazil
157.   Gold Almalyk Mining And Metallurgical Complex (Ammc) Uzbekistan





158.   Gold Allgemeine Gold-Und Silberscheideanstalt A.G. Germany
159.   Gold Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. Japan
160.   Gold Advanced Chemical Company United States of America
161.   Gold Alexy Metals United States of America
162.   Gold Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited (Unit 1) India
163.   Gold Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited (Unit 2) India
164.   Gold Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited (Unit 3) India
165.   Gold Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited (Unit 4) India
166.   Gold K.A. Rasmussen Norway
167.   Gold Md Overseas India
168.   Gold Metal Concentrators Sa (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
169.   Gold Metallix Refining Inc. United States of America
170.   Gold Sancus Zfs (L’orfebre, Sa) Colombia
171.   Gold Sellem Industries Ltd. Mauritania
172.   Gold Shenzhen Zhonghenglong Real Industry Co., Ltd. China
173.   Tantalum Cp Metals Inc. United States of America
174.   Tantalum Prg Dooel North Macedonia
175.   Tantalum Jiangxi Tuohong New Raw Material China
176.   Tantalum Resind Industria E Comercio Ltda. Brazil
177.   Tantalum Global Advanced Metals Aizu Japan
178.   Tantalum Global Advanced Metals Boyertown United States of America
179.   Tantalum H.C. Starck Smelting Gmbh & Co. Kg Germany
180.   Tantalum H.C. Starck Ltd. Japan
181.   Tantalum H.C. Starck Inc. United States of America
182.   Tantalum H.C. Starck Hermsdorf Gmbh Germany
183.   Tantalum H.C. Starck Tantalum And Niobium Gmbh Germany
184.   Tantalum H.C. Starck Co., Ltd. Thailand
185.   Tantalum Kemet Blue Metals Mexico
186.   Tantalum Jiangxi Dinghai Tantalum & Niobium Co., Ltd. China
187.   Tantalum Xinxing Haorong Electronic Material Co., Ltd. China
188.   Tantalum Jiujiang Zhongao Tantalum & Niobium Co., Ltd. China
189.   Tantalum Fir Metals & Resource Ltd. China
190.   Tantalum D Block Metals, Llc United States of America
191.   Tantalum Hengyang King Xing Lifeng New Materials Co., Ltd. China
192.   Tantalum Ulba Metallurgical Plant Jsc Kazakhstan
193.   Tantalum Telex Metals United States of America
194.   Tantalum Taki Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan
195.   Tantalum Solikamsk Magnesium Works Oao Russian Federation
196.   Tantalum Yanling Jincheng Tantalum & Niobium Co., Ltd. China
197.   Tantalum Quantumclean United States of America
198.   Tantalum Ningxia Orient Tantalum Industry Co., Ltd. China
199.   Tantalum Npm Silmet As Estonia
200.   Tantalum Mitsui Mining And Smelting Co., Ltd. Japan





201.   Tantalum Mineracao Taboca S.A. Brazil
202.   Tantalum Metallurgical Products India Pvt., Ltd. India
203.   Tantalum Lsm Brasil S.A. Brazil
204.   Tantalum Jiujiang Tanbre Co., Ltd. China
205.   Tantalum Jiujiang Jinxin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. China
206.   Tantalum Guangdong Zhiyuan New Material Co., Ltd. China
207.   Tantalum F&X Electro-Materials Ltd. China
208.   Tantalum Exotech Inc. United States of America
209.   Tantalum Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co., Ltd. China
210.   Tantalum Asaka Riken Co., Ltd. Japan
211.   Tantalum Guangdong Rising Rare Metals-Eo Materials Ltd. China
212.   Tantalum Kemet Blue Powder United States of America
213.   Tin Pt Mitra Sukses Globalindo Indonesia
214.   Tin Gejiu City Fuxiang Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. China
215.   Tin Precious Minerals And Smelting Limited India
216.   Tin Yunnan Yunfan Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. China
217.   Tin Luna Smelter, Ltd. Rwanda
218.   Tin Ma'anshan Weitai Tin Co., Ltd. China
219.   Tin Dongguan Ciexpo Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. China
220.   Tin Tin Technology & Refining United States of America
221.   Tin Pongpipat Company Limited Myanmar
222.   Tin Pt Bangka Serumpun Indonesia
223.   Tin Chifeng Dajingzi Tin Industry Co., Ltd. China
224.   Tin Guangdong Hanhe Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd. China
225.   Tin Modeltech Sdn Bhd Malaysia
226.   Tin Guanyang Guida Nonferrous Metal Smelting Plant China
227.   Tin Huichang Hill Tin Industry Co., Ltd. China
228.   Tin Thai Nguyen Mining And Metallurgy Co., Ltd. Vietnam
229.   Tin Metallo Spain S.L.U. Spain
230.   Tin Metallo Belgium N.V. Belgium
231.   Tin Super Ligas Brazil
232.   Tin Resind Industria E Comercio Ltda. Brazil
233.   Tin An Vinh Joint Stock Mineral Processing Company Vietnam
234.   Tin Tuyen Quang Non-Ferrous Metals Joint Stock Company Vietnam
235.   Tin Nghe Tinh Non-Ferrous Metals Joint Stock Company VietnNam
236.   Tin Electro-Mechanical Facility Of The Cao Bang Minerals & Metallurgy Joint Stock Company Vietnam
237.   Tin O.M. Manufacturing Philippines, Inc. Philippines
238.   Tin Pt Atd Makmur Mandiri Jaya Indonesia
239.   Tin Melt Metais E Ligas S.A. Brazil





240.   Tin Magnu's Minerais Metais E Ligas Ltda. Brazil
241.   Tin Yunnan Tin Company Limited China
242.   Tin Yunnan Chengfeng Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. China
243.   Tin White Solder Metalurgia E Mineracao Ltda. Brazil
244.   Tin Gejiu Yunxin Nonferrous Electrolysis Co., Ltd. China
245.   Tin Thaisarco Thailand
246.   Tin Soft Metais Ltda. Brazil
247.   Tin Rui Da Hung Taiwan, Province of China
248.   Tin Pt Timah Tbk Mentok Indonesia
249.   Tin Pt Timah Tbk Kundur Indonesia
250.   Tin Pt Refined Bangka Tin Indonesia
251.   Tin Pt Mitra Stania Prima Indonesia
252.   Tin Pt Artha Cipta Langgeng Indonesia
253.   Tin Operaciones Metalurgicas S.A. Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
254.   Tin O.M. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand
255.   Tin Jiangxi New Nanshan Technology Ltd. China
256.   Tin Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Japan
257.   Tin Minsur Peru
258.   Tin Mineracao Taboca S.A. Brazil
259.   Tin Metallic Resources, Inc. United States of America
260.   Tin Malaysia Smelting Corporation (Msc) Malaysia
261.   Tin China Tin Group Co., Ltd. China
262.   Tin Gejiu Kai Meng Industry And Trade Llc China
263.   Tin Huichang Jinshunda Tin Co., Ltd. China
264.   Tin Gejiu Zili Mining And Metallurgy Co., Ltd. China
265.   Tin Gejiu Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Co., Ltd. China
266.   Tin Fenix Metals Poland
267.   Tin Estanho De Rondonia S.A. Brazil
268.   Tin Em Vinto Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
269.   Tin Dowa Japan
270.   Tin Alpha United States of America
271.   Tin Chenzhou Yunxiang Mining And Metallurgy Co., Ltd. China
272.   Tin Crm Fundicao De Metais E Comercio De Equipamentos Eletronicos Do Brasil Ltda Brazil
273.   Tin Crm Synergies Spain
274.   Tin Cv Ayi Jaya Indonesia
275.   Tin Cv Dua Sekawan Indonesia
276.   Tin Cv Gita Pesona Indonesia
277.   Tin Cv United Smelting Indonesia
278.   Tin Cv Venus Inti Perkasa Indonesia
279.   Tin Gejiu Fengming Metallurgy Chemical Plant China
280.   Tin Novosibirsk Processing Plant Ltd. Russian Federation
281.   Tin Pt Aries Kencana Sejahtera Indonesia
282.   Tin Pt Babel Inti Perkasa Indonesia
283.   Tin Pt Babel Surya Alam Lestari Indonesia
284.   Tin Pt Bangka Prima Tin Indonesia





285.   Tin Pt Bangka Tin Industry Indonesia
286.   Tin Pt Belitung Industri Sejahtera Indonesia
287.   Tin Pt Bukit Timah Indonesia
288.   Tin Pt Ds Jaya Abadi Indonesia
289.   Tin Pt Inti Stania Prima Indonesia
290.   Tin Pt Karimun Mining Indonesia
291.   Tin Pt Kijang Jaya Mandiri Indonesia
292.   Tin Pt Lautan Harmonis Sejahtera Indonesia
293.   Tin Pt Menara Cipta Mulia Indonesia
294.   Tin Pt Panca Mega Persada Indonesia
295.   Tin Pt Premium Tin Indonesia Indonesia
296.   Tin Pt Prima Timah Utama Indonesia
297.   Tin Pt Rajawali Rimba Perkasa Indonesia
298.   Tin Pt Rajehan Ariq Indonesia
299.   Tin Pt Sariwiguna Binasentosa Indonesia
300.   Tin Pt Stanindo Inti Perkasa Indonesia
301.   Tin Pt Sukses Inti Makmur Indonesia
302.   Tin Pt Sumber Jaya Indah Indonesia
303.   Tin Pt Timah Nusantara Indonesia
304.   Tin Pt Tinindo Inter Nusa Indonesia
305.   Tin Pt Tirus Putra Mandiri Indonesia
306.   Tin Pt Tommy Utama Indonesia
307.   Tin Sizer Metals Pte  Ltd Singapore
308.   Tin Vqb Mineral And Trading Group Jsc Vietnam
309.   Tungsten Cronimet Brasil Ltda Brazil
310.   Tungsten Albasteel Industria E Comercio De Ligas Para Fundicao Ltd. Brazil
311.   Tungsten Gem Co., Ltd. China
312.   Tungsten Npp Tyazhmetprom Llc Russian Federation
313.   Tungsten Jsc “Kirovgrad Hard Alloys Plant” Russian Federation
314.   Tungsten Lianyou Metals Co., Ltd. Taiwan, Province of China
315.   Tungsten Fujian Ganmin Raremetal Co., Ltd. China
316.   Tungsten Kgets Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea
317.   Tungsten Hunan Litian Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. China
318.   Tungsten Moliren Ltd. Russian Federation
319.   Tungsten Woltech Korea Co., Ltd. Republic of Korea
320.   Tungsten Acl Metais Eireli Brazil
321.   Tungsten Xinfeng Huarui Tungsten & Molybdenum New Material Co., Ltd. China
322.   Tungsten Philippine Chuangxin Industrial Co., Inc. Philippines
323.   Tungsten South-East Nonferrous Metal Company Limited Of Hengyang City China
324.   Tungsten Unecha Refractory Metals Plant Russian Federation
325.   Tungsten Hydrometallurg, Jsc Russian Federation
326.   Tungsten Jiangxi Xianglu Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
327.   Tungsten Ganzhou Haichuang Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
328.   Tungsten China Molybdenum Co., Ltd. China
329.   Tungsten Niagara Refining Llc United States of America
330.   Tungsten Hunan Chuangda Vanadium Tungsten Co., Ltd. Wuji China
331.   Tungsten Jiangwu H.C. Starck Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. China
332.   Tungsten Masan Tungsten Chemical Llc (Mtc) Vietnam
333.   Tungsten H.C. Starck Smelting Gmbh & Co. Kg Germany





334.   Tungsten H.C. Starck Tungsten Gmbh Germany
335.   Tungsten Chenzhou Diamond Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. China
336.   Tungsten Asia Tungsten Products Vietnam Ltd. VietNam
337.   Tungsten Ganzhou Seadragon W & Mo Co., Ltd. China
338.   Tungsten Jiangxi Gan Bei Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
339.   Tungsten Xiamen Tungsten (H.C.) Co., Ltd. China
340.   Tungsten Malipo Haiyu Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
341.   Tungsten Jiangxi Tonggu Non-Ferrous Metallurgical & Chemical Co., Ltd. China
342.   Tungsten Jiangxi Xinsheng Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. China
343.   Tungsten Jiangxi Yaosheng Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
344.   Tungsten Ganzhou Jiangwu Ferrotungsten Co., Ltd. China
345.   Tungsten Jiangxi Minmetals Gao'an Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. China
346.   Tungsten Xinhai Rendan Shaoguan Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
347.   Tungsten Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
348.   Tungsten Wolfram Bergbau Und Hutten Ag Austria
349.   Tungsten Tejing (Vietnam) Tungsten Co., Ltd. Vietnam
350.   Tungsten Kennametal Fallon United States of America
351.   Tungsten Ganzhou Huaxing Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. China
352.   Tungsten Japan New Metals Co., Ltd. Japan
353.   Tungsten Hunan Chunchang Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. China
354.   Tungsten Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co., Ltd. China
355.   Tungsten Global Tungsten & Powders Corp. United States of America
356.   Tungsten Fujian Jinxin Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
357.   Tungsten Cnmc (Guangxi) Pgma Co., Ltd. China
358.   Tungsten Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
359.   Tungsten Guangdong Xianglu Tungsten Co., Ltd. China
360.   Tungsten Kennametal Huntsville United States of America
361.   Tungsten A.L.M.T. Corp. Japan
362.   Tungsten Artek Llc Russian Federation